Congrats, Hannah {the college graduate}!

Here she is, folks…in all her Georgia Southern graduation glory…

We were so excited to be able to join the festivities on Saturday and celebrate with her. She did it!

I love you Hannah, and I’m just so stinkin’ proud of you!


the latest on our sadie baby

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Sadie!

Em and I have been in touch and Sadie’s recovery has been steady. At this point, they are still in the PICU and waiting to see a Doctor to be released into a regular room. An x-ray tomorrow will hopefully confirm there’s no air leakage and if so, her chest tube will be removed. Please continue to pray for her pain management and that she will begin eating and drinking normally…she has to stay hydrated in order to remove the IV!

I’m headed up to Atlanta to see her soon….…cannot wait!

Sadie surgery update!

I just got word from my sister and it is great news — the cyst is removed and they were able to use the scope the whole time! Praise God!

The surgery is wrapping up now and I will keep you all posted as she transfers to post-op……..

Thank you for your prayers!


Will you pray for Sadie with us?

Tomorrow morning my niece, Sadie, will be undergoing a major surgery to remove a cyst in her lung.  My stomach just turned when I hit the keys to type those words.

She is my sister’s little girl (the 4th in a fabulous lineup of 5 precious kiddos) and I love this peanut with everything I’ve got. Please pray for her health and safety! The surgery starts at 7:30a and there is a possibility the surgeon can utilize a scope for the procedure, dramatically decreasing Sadie’s pain and recovery. They will make a decision in the Operating Room tomorrow morning and we are extremely hopeful!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Guess what we’re starting today?

Swim lessons 🙂

We’ll keep you posted on our progress…….

To: my blueberrylunchjenny

Thank you for always taking pictures of me and my family…and then spending countless hours editing them…and bringing my life so much joy…every day.

I love you!

Dear Truett, {4 months old; child of the covenant}

The day you were born forever changed me.

I did not get an epidural when I gave birth to you. After a fast labor that found me at 8cm dilated more quickly and painlessly than I had anticipated, I made a split second decision when the Dr said it was “now or never”, and I said never. In the 2.5 hours that followed, I learned and felt a level of pain I had not known existed.

Today, my precious Truett, I just feel thankful. You didn’t know it, but your labor helped drive me closer to Jesus.

In that moment of pure agony, Jesus sustained me.

At two days old, your Dad and I rushed you to the hospital. You had choked and turned bright red and continued to make irregular breathing noises. I was terrified I was going to lose you.

In that moment of pure agony, Jesus sustained me.

And four months later, Jesus continues to sustain us in the day to day. You have received exceptional amounts of love from family and friends. We have weathered transitions and travels and daily life is exponentially sweeter because you are in it.

On March 18th, you were baptized. It was a day I will never forget.

You were completely surrounded by the love of family, friends, and most importantly, the love and grace that Jesus offers.

My hope for you is that there is never a day in your memory where you don’t know Jesus!

Your brother and sister delight in you. Reese is constantly curious about your whereabouts and feeding/sleeping habits. You are the talk of so much of our daily conversation. “Truett doin’?” is usually the first question I hear when she wakes from sleep.

When I look at you laying on my bed (where you get all your diaper and outfit changes) and kicking and belly gut laughing, I sorta fall apart inside. The emotion sits so close to the surface. You’re growing and changing FAST and I’m along for this beautiful ride.

You were screaming all loud and siren-esque this morning. You’re hitting that 4mo growth spurt and not shy about when it is nursing time. Your Dad grabbed you and held you for as long as he could before it was time to head out to work. In the middle of the chaos of scrambled eggs and greek yogurt with your older siblings, your Dad was eager to kiss your head, tell you he loved you, and hold you in his lap. You were content and happy as can be.

I wish I could save all these moments in my mind. Store them up and always be able to rewind back to the smell of your head, the softness & juiciness of your cheek, and the sounds of baby delight that pour from your mouth when I tickle your chest.

I love you, my boo-ski. You’ve forever changed me.