our memorial day weekend {it’s a photo-packed recap}

Last Tuesday evening we arrived back into town after a loooong Memorial Day weekend spent with family. In an effort to recap, I’ve got 30 pics to share…buckle up…it’s a photo-packed ride…

We started the weekend in Macon with Grandmother Bruner (and company). If you’ve been tracking with Brunertown for awhile, you’ll remember her diagnosis with cancer almost 2 years ago. After surgery and chemo (lasting almost a year), she has been healthy and strong! A few weeks ago, we received word that the cancer is back and she has jumped back into the chemo once again. It is so difficult for my heart to digest it all. I enjoyed seeing her so much and our time spent with her was rich and sweet and full of laughter. She loves the kids so well and when sitting in the room watching her interact and play, you can already hear the pride and joy that will flow from her lips when she recaps the fun with her girlfriends…

From Macon, we made the trek to Birmingham to spend the rest of the weekend with the Morrows (stephen’s sister and fam). The twins became attached to Graham almost immediately and Ellie was a complete delight to watch as she ran and played alongside everyone. Although we came down with a bit of a fever bug (boo on sickness/travel combo), we made the best of it and enjoyed the time we all had under the same roof! Shelli is 25 weeks pregnant with little Harper and hosted us so well. Our dinner celebrating Steve’s birthday was southern deliciousness, and we even had a dinner date out with Shelli and Mike thanks to grandparent babysitting (too fabulous).

Okay, enough talking…let’s roll those pics, please…

This final series was an effort we made to capture a great pic of all 5…there were too many cute ones that I had such a hard time narrowing down what to share…

…and we’ll end with my crew…


One response to “our memorial day weekend {it’s a photo-packed recap}

  1. That pic of you and pieces, stop it with the hair…then True laughing with Sherry…the toddler series with their arms up (singing?)…Ellie and Reese covering their faces in the bench 5…and then your 3 chaos on the bench (when did you get three kids?)…these are all ridic cute!

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