the PT update: it’s good news (translation, I survived)

I’m happy, overjoyed and just plain giddy to report that we’ve survived and officially made it to “the other side” of potty training.

It was an experience I’ll never forget.

Whether it be the emotional roller coaster Brooks had me on last Wednesday afternoon because the fear of poop leaving his body and not being contained in a diaper imbed a level of terror in him that kept him crying, hysterically, for one hour and twenty minutes straight, OR the moment on Saturday evening that he casually announced he was “going to poop it out” and came out of the bathroom after landing a giant poop in the pot and I attacked with every ounce of joy and elation I possess and Stephen warned me that I may be scaring him because my excitement level had reached an all time high (Yes, in case you’re wondering, I do mark that night as one of my all time greatest life accomplishments to date).

…and if only you could hear little Reese’s voice saying oh-so-quietly: Close the door peeeese, mommy. I need to go pee-pee in the froggy potty. Because trust me, your heart would melt too.

The photos are so fun….hope you enjoy them and laugh as hard as I have….

This is post nap during the training process…

…and here we have success!

{Yes, we now call Fruit Loops “shoot-ems” cause Stephen taught them how to “shoot ’em out” with your urine stream}

I stocked up on at-home activities that we could do together while I watched and waited for pee to come….Play dough was a huge hit (thank you Aunt Emily and Bradford for the introduction…we formed many Play Dough Dean Dogs  in your honor)…

How did Truett do last week? With the exception of the nursing he had to skip on Day 2 because with every almost-latch there was threatening from B&R of potty attempts, he did quite well……thought the whole thing was quite funny, in fact.

As for Daddy? He was a huge help (in the mommy morale department AND potty training)…this is the evening of Day 4 after they had both experienced success and they wanted to try their silly faces…

 How did we get ourselves ready for each day? Well, we started by singing Eye of the Tiger upon Stephen’s exit for work and fist pump dancing, of course…

What kept us motivated? Peanut Butter m&m’s!

And popcorn…


…and friends!

{Not sure if you’ve checked out blueberry lunch lately but we potty trained together and phew-ee! am I glad — made it waaaay better to have Jenny alongside me in the training trenches}

So, yeah, if I had to sum up my thousands of words about how I feel today, it is best articulated on Truett’s face here:

…totally elated.

As I said in my last post, I was pushed to my absolute max in this process. And my heart grew up in a big way. I had to pray more, cry more, and repent more to Brooks and Reese than I ever have before.

These two little people have forever changed me.


3 responses to “the PT update: it’s good news (translation, I survived)

  1. Well done, Momma! It’s the biggest accomplishment of my life so far, too! 🙂

  2. Sarah, I love the pictures!!! Glad you all are doing well. Have a blessed Easter 🙂

  3. Awesome!!!! Those sweet babies 🙂

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