“Dear Jesus. Please help me. With my bad attitude.”

I really don’t want to forget the trip to Target we had today.

I had all three kids with me and it was nearing time for Truett to eat, but I thought we could just run in and grab our prescription, groceries, and toiletries really quick without a hitch. Overly optimistic? Absolutely. Utterly insane? Most definitely. {Further articulation: the phrase “really quick” has not described one single errand I have run in the last 2.5 years…no offense to the kids, but they slooow me down}

After Reese decided to scream NO! in my face when I asked her to sit down  express herself in an unkind way , I explained to her that she had lost her privileges to walk and therefore needed a time-out inside the belly of the shopping cart.

Sidenote: We started time-out about a month ago due to this unruly attitude. I simply walk the kids into our guest room where a chair is inviting them to take a break from life and enjoy the quiet surroundings while they pray for Jesus to help their attitude and fill them with the Fruits of the Spirit. Most of the time, I ask to see their “praying hands” and make them repeat after me: “Dear Jesus. Please help me. With my bad attitude.”.

I actually took this pic the other day cause I could not resist:

And so, you can probably guess where this tale of errand adventure is headed….

Due to the unbelieveable length of Target Toddler Carts (you know, the ones with the giant red plastic toddler area on the front), I was unaware of what was occurring in my cart during Reesey’s brief time out. It was not until I noticed a woman staring directly at her that I peered over True’s carseat and found my little praying Pieces. Just petitioning the Lord to help with her bad attitude.

Priceless, Pieces! Just priceless!


2 responses to ““Dear Jesus. Please help me. With my bad attitude.”

  1. Probably my favorite post yet. 🙂 love you guys!

  2. oh my goodness. this is amazing. it’s so sweet when you see them really getting what you’re trying to teach them! precious!

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