the fog is lifting; the dust is settling

Truett was born 4weeks  and 1 day ago. It feels like 4 years ago.

Upon his arrival into our home, the twins decided to search out, contract and carry to fruition every bug/virus/bacterial infection they could find. We battled it all. And I was foggy and hormonal.

Winning combination? Eh, not so much.

On the upswing of health, we jumped into the car for a week long trip to Atlanta to show Truett off and spend time with family and friends. Phew! Whirlwind!

The last 4 days have felt, well, normal. I have a precious baby boy in addition to the twins, Thunder and Lightning (stephen gets the credit for these new nicknames) and I laugh constantly. Before 10am this morning I had nursed Truett, refilled 4 servings of Kefir, interacted with lots-o-poop, and called Poison Control to be sure the ant trap that Brooks had decided to eat would not cause permanent damage. Totally normal.

I love the fact that my lifted fog has found me here.

With three children to fill my days with beautiful chaos and wild joy.


5 responses to “the fog is lifting; the dust is settling

  1. love the beautiful chaos and wild joy 🙂

  2. Read this to josh tonight, cracking up about your new normal. 🙂

  3. Dang…Truett looks soooooo big!! And I am sure it’s just the age but I feel like I see a little Mae in his look!

  4. i just loved reading this. always keeping it festive 🙂 and truett is sooooo cutee!!! xoxo

  5. Sarah, what a beautiful family! Hopefully I can meet him one day 🙂

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