Family Christmas Pageant 2011

We gathered on Saturday afternoon for our annual Christmas Pageant.  It was beautiful chaos. I love Christmas Pageant chaos!

With 4 families contributing 11 children, 5 years and younger, we arranged it with full knowledge that the production would be adorable and wild.  Jenny and I got way into the costume-ing & creation of props, and to say we enjoyed the creative process would be, well, a massive understatement. I am pretty sure I called her squealing from the Hobby Lobby parking lot on more than one occasion last week.

Meet our cast……

Joseph: Catcher (loving the fact that his stuffed donkey was by his side the entire show)

Mary: Savannah (Pink-a-ma-baby as baby Jesus)

Angels: Sterling and Reesey P

Sheep: Gracynn (always on the go and almost impossible to capture on still film) and Atticus

Wise Man: Carter (with homemade stuffed camel)

Shepherds: Brooks and Ollie

It started out fairly tame and under control with video commentary, singing, and Thom’s great narrating….

…and now you’ll seen the insanity unfold….

Definitely a success!

Here are my favorite two pics of Brooks and Reese:

(blueberrylunch gets the credit for this second image — love)

Cannot wait ’till next year when we’ll have increased our cast of characters (we know we can count on at least another Bruner and Wiepert in the mix) therefore giving us further reasons to create and embellish costumes. Oh, what fun!


One response to “Family Christmas Pageant 2011

  1. such a great afternoon!!!

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