Mae Grace Dowling

It sure is a late intro, but I simply must get this post to you! The latest baby news in the Nelson family happened October 27th and I am waaaay late to the party on introducing you to this little peanut. Because we’re celebrating 32 years of Emily today (Happy Birthday, my sister!), I find it appropriate to brag about her latest little bundle of joy….

Before you see the Mae-bundle, you gotta see the belly….

…how cool is this? We ate lunch together the day before Mae’s arrival and all seemed normal…especially in snapping this sister shot….

…she was all chatty and typical…multi-tasking and corralling children as we shared lunch together with family and wondered when we’d get to meet this little one.

Then, in swan-like-Emily-fashion, she escorted all 4 of her chicks to the car while they giggled and obeyed. It was a bit surreal, now that I think about it. I snapped this photo at 1pm and a mere 12 hours later, she would pop that little peanut out…

…kinda the coolest thing ever!

Mae is sweet, sweet, and more sweet. She is going to snuggle into the 5th child position spot pretty seamlessly, it seems, and has already been a delight to Emily and the whole crew….I only wish I got to see her on a daily basis…we sure do love you, little Mae!


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