Go dawgs!



As you know, we live in the sunny state of Florida.

It’s lovely, most of the time.

Until today, actually.

Today is the day when the gators (at least for the last 8 years, it seems), always beat the GA bulldogs and try and steal our red and black joy (not possible, but they always try).

I’m here with one sound argument today: Have you ever seen a 2 year old FL gator this cute? :


Way to go, Reesey. Increasing the cute points for our proud alma mater.

Go dawgs!


3 responses to “Go dawgs!

  1. I’ll have to argue that one. I have two gators that cute!!


  3. and it looks like reesey got the win! what a game…er, what a game. and yes she is precious, but imagine her sporting orange and blue….. one can dream.

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