When did these kids grow up on me?


I blink and all of the sudden I’ve got two little mini-people on my hands…

Brooks told Stephen yesterday that he wouldn’t touch the stove because it was hot and would burn him if he touched it.

Reese has a little memory as sharp as a tack. She randomly inquires about various people in our lives including (but not limited to), Kate and her phone, Eric W, Jen-ny, baby At-cus (Olly, of course!), our new sitter’s little girl Reagan, and, you guessed it, Pop-pop and his “boo-boo eyes”.

Ah-dorable. Just plain adorable.







3 responses to “When did these kids grow up on me?

  1. I agree! They are full on kids!!!! Such good lookin kiddos!!!!!

  2. Is Reese a model?!?

    I CANNOT wait to see you all in just a few short days:)

  3. Rachael Hamilton

    Holy cow… they ARE so OLD!!!! When did that happen? I feel the same way about my kids, but it’s not as evident when I’m with them everyday! Hope I get to see them while you are here!

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