What up, 3rd trimester?

Here we are in our 28th week. Phew.

In some ways, I feel like, “Really? How did we get here? Say what? It’s almost October!?”

On the other hand, we’re working a mighty fine daily dosage of tums to ward off the heartburn that creeps in as early as 7am, and the non-Fall temps down here keep my ever growing body sweating, well, a lot!

We’re still working on a name for this little guy………keep you posted on that one.

As for the excitement in my heart to meet this little man, well, I’m sorta out of words. I feel incredibly blessed to be walking around with a third child in utero. I feel utterly humbled at the opportunity to raise another boy into, prayerfully, what will become a Godly man. Ultimately, I’m extremely grateful to be here, today, in the 3rd trimester, with a belly that jumps and jostles with kicks and punches.


One response to “What up, 3rd trimester?

  1. looking glowy and beautiful. 🙂

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