Atlanta adventures

My trip to Atlanta last weekend was a (typical) whirlwind and it came with incredible laughter, exhaustion, and family time that is always much needed. I decided to make the trip very last minute and I was so happy to see so many people with such a short time frame to plan and coordinate schedules.

Check out the journey outlined below in photos…it sure was a faaabulous time…

The first stop was Dublin to stay the night with Aunt Mags. A prego Aunt Mags!! Love her. (and did you know they find out TOMORROW if it is a boy/girl? Giddy!!)  Because of the fact that I never busted out my camera at her house, you get to enjoy pics of a weekend we spent together in Fernandina at the Mills’ awesome beach house earlier this summer. It was lovely. As was my time with Mags in Dublin. Always lovely.Quick timeout on the road trip recap…lemme just brag on Maggie for a minute. She is such a great sister. Such a great Aunt. And just all around wonderful. Motherhood is going to suit her juuuust perfectly. Now I’m getting all teary eyed and emotional just thinking about her holding her first born child for the very first time. Yikes, we’re hormonal over here.

Moving right along!

The following morning we stopped in Macon for breakfast with Stephen’s grandparents at their (museum-like) home. I’ve always loved these two. (I’ve written about Grandmother’s battle with cancer in the bast — praise the Lord, she is doing great!) They are spicy (understatement) and southern and quirky and fun. They also love collectables and gadgets and auctions and merchandise. Oh, and mannequins.

Meet Chin:He protects the pear tree and keeps all the bad guys away from the back door. Without fail, Chin always gives me a quick adrenaline rush when I walk by him and think he is a real man staring me down. This being said, I’ve never stolen a pear. 

It was also a real treat to see Great Grandmother Ruth. She is 95 and still sharp as a tack. Keeping up with these two is no easy feat……..

From here, we reloaded in the car to complete the trip North….Reese and Brooks were fully aware that they were in full control….

…and they were right.

To be continued 🙂




One response to “Atlanta adventures

  1. Sarah you are so awesome:) thank you for such a sweet post… I love you and think you are a great mom! Thanks for being such a great example for me.. I absolutely loved our time together.. Ok, now I’m teary. I love you:)

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