Atlanta adventures, continued

As I mentioned earlier, the family time was just awesome. With Em and her crew now residing just a few minutes from my parents house, we had so much time together, which I relished and loved.

Emily’s kids are each so unique and so enjoyable. Every time I am with them, I fall in love a little more. Little Sadie is growing up fast (although her height may not convince you, this 4th born is smart as a whip and fully aware of B&R trying to encroach on her stuffed animal inventory system, a carefully guarded empire).

Ella is full of questions. Detailed questions. Why do you NOT want this flower tattoo on your cheek, Aunt Sarah?  If you kill a bee and throw it away, do you think the stinger will fly out of the trash can onto my arm? If you are using Cherry Blossom shampoo on Reese and Brooks tonight, do you think they will smell like cherry blossoms when they wake up tomorrow? Are you sure you should put cherry blossoms on Brooks? He is a boy, you know.

Bo started his first day of school while we were there and his wise teacher told him after just a few minutes of meeting him that it seemed like he may be her Science Boy. This was all he needed to get himself pumped for the first grade. Jack is a trip. Reese and Brooks loved Jack. We have had lots of conversations about Jack since we had to say goodbye. He captured our hearts, no doubt.

We had a chance to celebrate my Dad’s birthday one night (coming up this Monday the 22nd) and the time around the dinner table is always a delight.

I love my Dad.

And here is the photo you’ve all been waiting for…it’s sister-prego-a-la-palooza…Emily due November 2nd. Maggie due January 13th. Me due December 21st.


With Chaz’s arrival last week, we’re 1 down, 3 to go.

My Mom was so fun to throw the twins an early birthday party, too….

And here are the cousins with Gigi and Papa…


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