Swim lessons :)

Here were are, swimming on the last day of our swim lessons at the YMCA.

Oh, my Brooks (Reese sat out this year’s lessons as she has very little interest in doing any actual swimming in the pool and vastly prefers sun bathing), such a little fish. He is tenacious in the water and happily dunks his face in while flailing his arms around. The lessons taught him kicking and forward movement, and I’m thankful for his comfort and excitement in the water.

Here he goes…..

Way to go, buddy!

Can you tell he likes it?

And here is my little sun bather in action:

Thanks, blueberrylunch, for capturing pics today!

Speaking of blueberrylunch and her crew, the swim lessons would not have been nearly the same without them. Every time we pulled into the parking lot, Reese would start calling for “Ollllly! Olllly! Olllly! Catcher! Tee! Baby At-cus!” Quite funny. In addition, during our actual swim lessons, Brooks was fully convinced he should be in Tee and Catcher’s class and consistently tried to escape my arms and swim to join his friends. Loved it.

Here are Brooks’ heroes. Such fun to share swim lessons with friends šŸ™‚


2 responses to “Swim lessons :)

  1. So sweet!!! and how fun!!!

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