a delicious summer treat: Cranberry Limeades

Happy Saturday, everyone!

It is h-o-t down here and we’re doing everything we can to stay cool and refreshed…if you’re in the same boat, join me for a quick recipe to throw together a yummy summer beverage….

[All credit goes to my older wiser sister on this recipe, btw. She totally figured out how to make it. I’m simply passing along the fabulousness :)]

Here are the ingredients you’ll need…Lemon lime soda (Fresca is our typical choice but when you’re pregnant and see a commercial for Sierra Mist Natural, you’ll probably fall for all the advertising schemes, like I did), Limeade mix, Cranberry juice, fresh lime

The limeade mix will call for the contents of your can + 4 1/3 cans water. Substitute the water for cranberry juice. This is your CranLime mixture.

Go find yourself some crushed ice. Seriously! It makes the drink 10x yummier. Please smile and think of my Mom when you purchase the crushed ice. Next to her relationship with Jesus and ever growing family, crushed ice is her true love.

Fill your glass with crushed ice. You’re feeling cooler already, right? Yes!

Fill the glass 1/2 full with CranLime mix. Fill the other 1/2 with LemonLime soda. Squeeze a fresh lime in there and you’re all set….

Now, make another one and call your friend to come over and enjoy with you!


3 responses to “a delicious summer treat: Cranberry Limeades

  1. Your mom and mine… must have their crushed ice!

  2. chandler mikkelson

    Love this idea and planning to make it tonight! Looks fabulous!! thanks for the inspiration.

  3. ooh. this looks delish. i would like to drink one right now. 🙂

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