It’s a selfish post tonight

I have lots to fill you in on after a really great weekend, but I only have a quick minute as time is passing all too quickly and the midnight hour is approaching.

Tomorrow morning, Stephen and I are jumping on an airplane for a quick NYC getaway, just the two of us. He’s been nominated for a Stevie award and the banquet is tomorrow night (way to go, babe…awesome Father and Stevie Finalist, whoop-whoop) so we are going to make a quick vaca of it.

My Mom is here to fill in on Mommy duty (whoop-whoop to our Gigi!!) and I am so so so so so so so excited for a little extra time with my man and R&R in what is arguable the coolest city in the USA.

Excited and a wee bit sad. Cause I love these babies. And I’ll miss out!

So, this is a selfish post tonight. I took these pictures last week and they perfectly capture them right this very minute. I love these pictures. The bright color and full bodied climbing and doorbell ringing and adorable eyes. I love these kids.
And now, from the comfort of a New York coffee shop, I’ll have a little reminder of my twinkies.


One response to “It’s a selfish post tonight

  1. Love this post… Reese’s dress, Brooks’ face in photo #2, the fact that you’re in NYC, and your green bench, red front door combo:) Love it all! Can’t WAIT for Thursday.

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