Nelson Fam Beach trip pics: cousin love & group shots

Ella: 100% girl and full of personality. In the chaos of one of the meals we were managing as a crew of 18, Ella came to me with a pressing issue: “Aunt Sarah, Aunt Sarah, you have a long and beautiful neck” she said. Too fabulous.

B&R were loving the big chairs with Daddy

Bradford: maximum spunky

Table for 18, please

the red-headed girls

sharing an ocean-side seat

Papa and Gigi with all 7

Brunertown, party of 5 πŸ™‚

Aunt Mags with an early morning Sadie-baby

Brooks looking on as Bo articulates the difference between male and female duckbill platypuses…the giant animal book was endless fun.

Reesey fixing Sadie’s awesome hair

taking a break from curtain games

the Dowlings, party of 7 πŸ™‚

Papa and Gigi attempting another grandchild group shot — we were hoping the kids would smile better in this one — no such luck πŸ™‚

…..and now….drumroll please….

The Nelson Fam

(L-R: Aunt Hannah, B, Stephen, Aunt Emily [cousin in utero], Gigi, Uncle Andy, B-man, Papa, Aunt Emily [cousin in utero], Ella, Sadie, Uncle Jason, Jack, Aunt Maggie, Uncle Justin, Bo, me [peanut in utero] and the Reesey-p)


5 responses to “Nelson Fam Beach trip pics: cousin love & group shots

  1. that is an amazing group shot!!! love it!

  2. I can’t believe there are 3 more cousins on the way! So much fun!!!

  3. Love seeing all of these pics, Sarah! Love love love the one of all of you together! I can only imagine the fun that you had at the beach! Aunt Hannah looks great – would love to see her sometime!! Congrats on baby # 3! Such joy! I really enjoy keeping up with you guys on your blog!

  4. Awesome pictures Sarah!!

  5. I laughed when I saw Jason’s head in the grandkid shot!! And the b&w of the fam is awesome!! Everyone but Bradford is actually looking at the camera… amazing!! So glad yall had so much fun!!

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