follow up from the 60minutes story

Remember this?

Well, as promised, I’m following up with you on what came of my inspiration from a 60minutes story a few weeks ago regarding Child Homelessness and Hunger….here she goes…

After many emails and phone calls swapped with the the County Liason for Homeless Programs, I was directed to our local elementary school’s guidance counselor. Luckily, my local elementary school has a fabulous guidance counselor. She is kind and supportive and super friendly. We hugged when we met. She’s just warm like that. Love her.

She informed me that there are a total of 20 children identified as “Homeless” within the school. She is aware of other programs/assistance that many of the children receive, and was able to identify 2 families in particular that may need an extra boost….and this is where we come in. The two families have a total of 4 little boys and so once a week, we are able to drop off food to be delivered to these 4 tikes.

Each time I’ve dropped off the bags (it’s only been a few weeks since it all came together), I find myself bouncing back to my car. I am so happy to be able to help.

At the same time, I’m incredibly overwhelmed by this problem. I’m saddened at the reality of hungry children in my community, and I pray for the Lord to continue to reveal to me how we can serve and give.

Join me! Serve with me! I’ve already got two friends adding to the food bags (thanks Ashlyn and Lianne) and I’d love to have more help! If you’re reading this and feeling burdened by your own community, just send a quick email…seriously…I’d love to see more of us bouncing out of Elementary School entrances this upcoming Fall 🙂


2 responses to “follow up from the 60minutes story

  1. Michele Bachman

    I absolutely want in on the lunch bunch!!!
    xoxo, Michele B.

  2. I want to help! tell me how!

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