the pink foam curlers

One of my fondest childhood memories includes pink foam curlers on Saturday night. We would eat dinner, take baths and then sit on my parent’s bathroom counter to get our hair curled by Mom. We loved it.

Reese received some foam curlers in her Easter basket this year and I was just dying to get them in her hair. Although she pulled them all out as soon as I put her to bed, we managed to capture a few photos before bedtime.

I would have to look back on the blog to be sure, but I’m going to go out on a limb and just say these photos are some of my favorite we’ve taken this year…..her little personality came out….

Brooks was fascinated with the engineering of the curler…..

….and also wanted us to give it a try in his hair too 🙂


3 responses to “the pink foam curlers

  1. Those pictures are fabulous! She looks adorable with those curlers in her hair!

  2. amazing!! wow, those pics are super cute!

  3. I bought Payton some too because of my same childhood experience & she did the same thing! maybe in a few years. and yes, R is adorable! (but wait…doesnt she already have curly hair!!)

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