Bye Bye, Birdie Shoes

You were the first shoe purchase I made.

You were the topic of many of Reese and I’s first conversations.

You have the ability to make Reese smile and show all her teeth.

And you were just spunky enough, just birdie enough, to fit my Reesey-P.

Bye Bye, Birdie Shoes.


One response to “Bye Bye, Birdie Shoes

  1. AND….one of you was nearly lost forever at publix….after recovering the shoe, the publix people claimed to have it a guest services. When daddy when to pick it up, they couldn’t find it anywhere. The looked and looked for 10-15 minutes, swearing they had seen it there. Finally, the birdie show was revealed when the publix lady went through the trash. Way to go publix and the birdie shoes were spared!

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