You’re never going to believe who came to Brunertown

Payton (3.5 years), Reesey, Drew (21 months) & Brooks-es

My friend Rach (yep, just saw her in Nashville…you’re remembering correctly!) drove in yesterday to visit us this week! She brought her fabulous two kiddos (pictured above) and we are just having a jolly good time.

She laughed when I described it as potentially the “best week ever”, but it just may prove to be true! We get to do all the normal life/Mom/kid/kitchen stuff…just together.

When we were hand shaping homemade bagels last night I could not stop grinning ear-to-ear. Life is more fun with great friends sleeping under the same roof.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

More pics to come 🙂

(I know you all already knew that, but just wanted to put your mind at ease…especially you, Carol….as the grandmother, I know you’ll rest easy knowing that we are aware that just one bathtub photo will not suffice!)


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