the weekend recap

Well, it happened.

The once-in-a-decade-trip happened. And now I’m even more convinced we should make it more frequent than once every decade.

Nashville was the perfect backdrop for the getaway as it provided excellent food, super fun shopping, fabulous scenery, and great weather. Then again, I think if the food was gross, shopping unsuccessful, scenes were boring and it had rained the whole time, you would have never heard a peep of complaint out of the three of us. Because we had each other, and lots to talk about.

The. weekend. was. perfect.

We (my oldest sister Emily and lifelong friend Rachael) left behind our 8 total children and husbands and spent 2.5 days together….as you can see from the photos…we had a great time….

As my flight was landing in Orlando, the sun was setting. The light was just perfect and I was beyond giddy to get home to my babies and Stephen.

I closed my eyes and relished the good gifts God has given me.  Sisters and friends and His truth and grace. And a Brooks and Reese and husband. Home.

In that moment, the gratitude swelling in my heart was completely overwhelming.

Thank you, Jesus.


6 responses to “the weekend recap

  1. I’ve been waiting on this post! Great pics, as always, P 🙂

  2. Is that a coral popsicle to match your shirt? 🙂

  3. Love this post! Great pics and so glad you were able to get away…Especially love the delicious food shots 😉

  4. I just added Burger Up to my list for the next Nashville visit! 🙂 Looks like y’all had an awesome time!! Thanks for sharing! Love, CB

  5. P.S. Are those fried pickles???

    • They are definitely fried pickles…and delicious!
      Burger Up is a DEF for a yummy lunch…and then you absolutely must end the meal with the Popsicle shop next door…great combo…just too much fun!
      Can I go with you on your next trip to Nashville, CB?!

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