Dear Brooks and Reese, {You guys are 18months old!}

Is this really happening?

I thought you would stay babies forever!

Why do you both keep growing up?

You two are the best!

We went to the Dr last Thursday for your 18month check up. I always have to take deep breaths on the drive to Well Check Ups. Because I actually have a hard time believing it is ALREADY time to go back. 18 months! Ahhh!

You have both changed immensely in the last few weeks. More communicative. More understanding. More love. More assaulting one another. More reading in my lap. More fun for this Mama.

Brooks, you weigh 22lb 1oz (8th percentile) and you are 32.5″ tall (70th percentile). Your personality and curiosity work hand in hand all the time.

You love to run. You love to jump.

You love to show us your muscles.

Just a few nights ago, you started giving kisses and you show no discrimination as to where they land. The baby dolls, your sister, the train cars, your Mom, the puppy dog in your favorite book, your Dad, your cheese slice. Kisses everywhere.

And your laughter, well, it is just the best.

My Reese baby, you too, are delightful.

You are currently weighing in at 21lbs 13oz (20th percentile) and measure 32.5″ tall (75th percentile). Healthy!

I was holding you at the makeup counter on Friday while we were checking out (in order to protect you from your brother strapped into the stroller and ready to get back into a kicking match), and the ladies were going crazy over you. Your hair, your skin, your eyes…just going on and on. They didn’t realize I was fighting back tears. You make my heart swell with joy, Reesey.

You’ve begun to understand so much. I can see your wheels spinning and processing and I’m incredibly impressed with all you comprehend. Your vocab is growing daily and when you asked for an apple slice at lunch last Wednesday I almost fell out of my seat. You just keep getting smarter!

I just love your personality. You’re certainly more quiet in contrast to your brother, and yet you come alive with squeals and words when I least expect it. You always let out a shout in elevators and you love the echo of a giant parking garage. Your voice is so sweet.

One of your most frequently used words: “Whoa”

My babies, I love you and I’m relishing every single day of life as your Mom. I clean up a lot of messes and wipe up a lot of poop and sweep up a whole bunch of crumbs, and you two are worth every bit of the work. I simply do not want to forget the sweetness of these days with you two in my life at 18mo old.


2 responses to “Dear Brooks and Reese, {You guys are 18months old!}

  1. amy summerville

    stunning those two!

  2. I mean they are adorable!!! Love to Brunertown!

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