the ornaments

My Mom did a great job of giving us an ornament each year and I love the tradition. These guys came in the mail the other day, and I just have to share the adorableness with you…

It took me 16+ months to do it, but Brooks and Reese now are the proud owners of “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments…thankfully, the procrastination did not hurt the cuteness department…don’t you just love them? I ordered them off Etsy from here.

As for this year, you shouldn’t be surprised. I was completely giddy to find two of the most perfect little ornaments for my Goose and Piecey…just right.

The Goose came from here and the Pieces bag from here.

Love it!


3 responses to “the ornaments

  1. Those are adorable! We have the same tradition. I actually did manage to get them their first Christmas ornament, but unfortunately I still haven’t put a picture in it. Oops!

  2. Those are awesome! I love the Goose and the Pieces bag…how perfect!

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