Christmas Fun: Part 3, the Bruners

As always, we ping-ponged back and forth this Christmas and had time with lots of Stephen’s family members, too. The white Christmas was about as much fun as you can get (unless you combine a white christmas photo with a mouthful of pound cake — see first photo of the Brooksman — insane)….

Graham received what I believe to be one of the all time most wonderful gifts for a 2.5 year old little daredevil…a motorized motorcycle that travels a maximum speed of 2mph. It was perfect! He was in love and the happiest Christmas boy in town…

Shelli joined the crazy-town photo world with a new Nikon (perfect gift, Mike!),

..and my Reese opened a little something from her momma that will be a tradition, for sure!

The time with Grandmother Bruner was certainly treasured (she is feeling good and healthy! Praise the Lord!)…

Lots of family time with precious babies….

(and I was not able to capture the perfect shot of Ellie, so I just hijacked this one off Shelli’s facebook album — had to report on her precious gummy smile!)


One response to “Christmas Fun: Part 3, the Bruners

  1. These pictures are just so great! I love that it makes the distance shorter…almost like I was (sort of) there! B&R are just too cute in their matching pjs…love it!

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