she was a stunning bride (mrs. saylor, that is)

In response when I inquired…”How do you feel right now, Whitney?”

My photo-taking ceased after the ceremony began…Stephen (wisely) reminded that they were paying professionals to take care of capturing every moment and I should relax and enjoy the party….and we did just that….enjoyed the party of the year. The venue was ahhhh-mazing, flowers were perfect, food was deee-licious, band was a blast, and as the sun was setting over the water and the sky was turning pink, my heart swelled with joy.

God is so good and we praise Him and give Him thanks for the unbelievable gift he has given us in marriage. I am confident that this marriage, the new Saylor family, will give praise and glory to God, and I’m so grateful that we’ll have a front row seat.

Dan and Whitney — cheers to you!


2 responses to “she was a stunning bride (mrs. saylor, that is)

  1. Congrats to Whitney! She looks absolutely gorgeous in the pictures 🙂

  2. These pics are amazing and sooo fun!!!! Thanks for taking all of these!!!! What an incredible day…I am still relishing in God’s goodness!

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