Prayer for our Sadie baby — surgery today



Sadie is in recovery now and Emily and Jason will get to go back and see her in about an hour when she is more awake.

For more info, you can always check here (Em’s blog).

Thank you so much for your prayers today!



Please pray with us as our precious Sadie undergoes her palate surgery today at noon (1pm for those of you on EST with us).  This is the “big one”, and I find myself choking back tears at any given moment.

She is just so sweet!

These are the specifics my sister Emily requested in regards to prayer…

  • A smooth and seamless surgery, especially in regards to the anesthesia and Sadie’s airway.
  • Limited time in the hospital.
  • Quick adjustment to eating and drinking for Sadie [if she’s unable to get adequate fluids and nutrition, our hospital stay will be extended.]
  • Sanity for my mom who is managing the older kids.
  • Health for the older kids as infection for Sadie presents some risks.
  • Rest and peace as J and I manage the physical and emotional reality of not being in control.

I’ll be sure and update you as soon as I hear anything…thanks so much for your prayers.


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