Happy Halloween (a costume journey)

Months ago, Stephen asked me what I wanted the kids to be for Halloween. I knew his wheels were turning. When I flipped the question back into his court, he laughed out loud while he blurted out one simple word: “Avatars.”

Can you imagine?

My precious (creamy white) B&R…transformed…

…into this.

I used my better judgement and decided due to the fact that DCF may get involved if we painted our 14month old twins head-toe in blue paint, we better figure out a new plan.

I contemplated taking the Pirate route after Brooks ate too much dirt in the backyard last week…

…but they still felt a little young for such debauchery.

So we hit up PBK and found matching spider costumes…(I added pink decor to Reese’s costume to give it a feminine touch):

We had a blast at Stephen’s office party and the spiders crawling around was almost too much fun to handle.

Hope it was a fun night for everyone!


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