a quick preview

I woke up Monday morning excited to sift through all my photos from the visit from the Dowlings and family beach getaway with the B-man and his parents, and I almost toppled over on the way to the shower. Vertigo strikes again! I had a season of vertigo a few years ago that lasted about 6 weeks and it was brutal (I am fully confident that the fact that I boarded a cruise ship for 4 days shortly after the onset of this vertigo season had nothing to do with lingering effects…yeah…lapse in judgement…I digress!). Thankfully, I woke up Tuesday morning and the vertigo was gone! Hooray!

All that to say, I’m just now sitting down to sift through the 500+ photos from our time together. I cannot stop laughing! There are so many fun pics to choose from….

With twinkies stirring from morning naps, I’ve gotta make this quick, but I absolutely had to give you a quick preview of what is to come….

You know by now that I don’t need an excuse for a good photo oppt, but four babies (cousins — even better!) make for an incredible time behind the lens….and then all the stars align and they start to play with the same thing at the same time…

…and then all the sudden we have a toppling over caught on film.

I’m happy to report that no one was seriously injured from this toppling, and I just love the real life scene captured here.

More to come! Stay tuned!


2 responses to “a quick preview

  1. Yikes! on the vertigo – glad it’s gone now. Spoke with your (Sarah’s) mom yesterday and just thought I should say, “Hi” since it’s been so long. It’s great to see your updates here and know everyone’s doing well – except for vertigo, and whatnot. We love you guys!

  2. Love it! And you really captured the toppling over well..I remember seeing them do that and waiting for someone to scream, but no one did. They just kept playing with that system like nothing had happened. We miss you guys already!

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