We’re bird-ing out over here…

I feel like I have been flying circles around the tops of my ceiling all day…my sister Emily is on her way with hubby and four kiddos in tow, and we’re meeting up with Andy, Emily, & B-man on Thursday evening over at the beach…

Typically these visits tend to make my calendar drag as I anticipate the arrival date one hour at a time, but this one has sort of snuck up on me. The fact that it is mid-October is wild and crazy, and I’m so pumped they will be here tomorrow. Can you hear me squealing? I cannot believe I just used a period to punctuate the sentence above  — lemme try that again — I’m SO pumped they will be here tomorrow!!!

In the mean time, I’ve got a few pics of my little chick to share…

…I know…she is going to be such a great birdie…that smile is killer.

I’m off to work on a meal plan! Chirp chirp!


One response to “We’re bird-ing out over here…

  1. What awesome pictures…that smile is so cute with her 2 bottom teeth! We are so pumped to see you too and look forward to talking over the meal plan with you. Can’t believe it’s so soon!!

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