Florida Fall Fashion

Fall in Florida is not really Fall-ish at all. Our trees stay green and palm-y and the temperatures typically hover in the 80 degree zone. This is great with me. I love the sun and its warmth and the fact that cardigans are all the layering you should need in order to cope through the winter.

The only bummer, my friends, is the fashion. Especially when it comes to the kids! There is so much cute stuff out right now…and our summer dresses and board shorts seem a little silly in a pumpkin patch photo shoot.

So after a Hobby Lobby opened last week (big points for Orlando!) I was inspired to create an oversized flower headband for the Reesey and get us working some Autumn looks…

The brown says Fall and the shirtless-ness says FL. Classic, Brooks.

Although the headband was gigantic, she wore it with confidence and totally pulled off the overall look. Great styling here, P. (You watching Project Runway this season? If so, then you’d be certain of what a proud moment this is for Michael Kors)

Not shy about white after Labor Day…

The navy cardigan will be a staple item…just like her momma…

These footed PJ’s from Gap have made us so happy…

Popped collars and polka dotted baby legs. To die for.


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