anytime, Jenny. anytime!

Yesterday, I got to keep the Cunningham boys for a few hours. It was pure delight! To go from two kids to five in a matter of moments was the type of roller coaster I’m happy to sign up for any day of the week.

We created endless fun with noodles and cardboard and soccer balls and sippy cups….a great combo of toys and non-toys, if you ask me…especially if your target audience includes five kids under the age of four.

It was at the moment that Tee voluntarily shared a coveted stuffed animal Pug Dog with his little brother Catcher, that sent me into real Mommy mode. I started crying! The emotional availability is hysterical sometimes around here.

I must also mention the “spark” that seemed to ignite between little Olly and Reesey — he followed her around and could not get enough of the Pieces cute-ness. I guess time will tell here…………..

So the next time you’re wondering to yourself: Would Sarah like to keep my kiddos for a few hours? You’ve got your answer 🙂


One response to “anytime, Jenny. anytime!

  1. a spark? a SPARK?! Well, that’d just be a dream come true 🙂

    I can’t quite put into words how refreshing it is to to feel peace when I walk away from your house–with my kids back with you. It’s edifying for them…which in turn, is most restful for me. Thank you dear friend…over and over b/c they’ve been there many times! (phew, and more to come…)

    love you

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