How to make birthday bunting [brunertown style]

What you’ll need:

  • a patient husband
  • Sewing machine (borrowed is the way to go here– thanks Kat :))
  • Fabric scraps
  • rotary cutter, cutting board, & ruler
  • lots and lots of pushpins
  • bias tape
  • child(ren) for inspiration
  • a babysitter who is also willing to take on sewing projects
  • adrenaline
  • a mother who knows how to sew

What you need to know as you begin:

  • Even though all the crafty people blogs use words like “easy” and “simple” to describe this construction process, it is not. This is probably one of the most challenging projects you’ll ever attempt. Trust me, it is super hard. Super!
  • If you do not have a mother that knows how to sew, this is going to be waaaaay harder than if you do have a mother that knows how to sew
  • Waiting until the night before the party makes the construction process seem more exciting and increases adrenaline. The higher your exhaustion level, the more festive your bunting will look and feel.

Let’s begin!

Create your “pattern triangle” and get to work (I used a cereal box because the cardboard seemed like a good balance of flexible & stiff) on cutting out triangles…the longer the bunting, the more triangles you’ve got to cut…I think I cut for 8+ hours (I may be a novice with the rotary cutter…maybe)…

Once you have all your triangles cut, you sew the “right” sides together and then turn them inside out so your pretty patterns are showing. This is really rewarding because they look so professional and you are more than likely going to smile through this process…and then you’ll pass it off to your babysitter (love you, Rebekah) because it moves from rewarding to redundant super quickly.

You’ll then pin all the triangles onto the bias tape…

…and then you call your Mom…

…and she saves the day, and makes it look easy…

…and derives inspiration when needed.

What a fabulous way to decorate for years to come! I plan on adding to the bunting train each year as the kids grow…and this, my friends, is why “a patient husband” is the first thing you need on your supplies list.

{In all seriousness, I used this site and this one — both super helpful}

Happy Bunting!


2 responses to “How to make birthday bunting [brunertown style]

  1. banners were my first sewing project too and i almost threw my bunting across the room many times before ben sat me down and told me it couldn’t be that upsetting!! it was frustrating the first time, but now i look back and laugh at all the mistakes i made that time around and i also marvel at the fact that my first banner is still hanging and going strong in the playroom despite those novice errors and even more remarkable is that once i got more familiar with sewing them, those banners became some of the bestsellers in my etsy shop!! who knew!! before you know it, you will be sewing like a pro and whipping out all kinds of amazing goodies!! they look terrific, sarah!! and you’re so right–one of my most favorite things about them is that they can be used again and again and become a sort of heirloom from happy parties of our childrens’ youth!

  2. You are hilarious. And thank you for helping me to make the decision (for once) that I will not take on something this hard. And I will be asking to borrow your special bunting if ever bunting I will be a needing. 🙂

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