the recap you’ve earned (last weekend: Atl/Dublin)

Phew! I don’t know how you feel, but I am on a race against time around here. It’s just flying by…

Thanks for your patience with our mild technical difficulties and major time management weaknesses. My blogging priorities are back in line!

I’ve been meaning to give you, my friends, a thorough and complete recap of the festivities we had during our time in Atlanta…here she goes…

The weight of the weekend was spent with Grandmother and Grandfather Bruner, Bibi & Pops, and the Morrow clan…there was no shortage of photographs being captured at any given time…

(easily confused with Opal Dean, this Pig was loads of fun for the B&R)

(the twins getting a Graham bear hug during our attempts at Fall Photo Shooting)

(my favorite)

…and the time spent with Grandmother was so sweet.

We snuck in a few visits with friends…

…including this play date with Avery and little Brighton still in utero (still don’t have the spelling down, here, Mary…am I close?) and Chaicer.

From there, we loaded in the car for our first ever trip to….

…the Mills’ residence!

(cue music…”Happy Birthday, Aunt Mags…”)

(Aunt Hannah came too!)

As I was recapping the visit to a friend, I mentioned that upon entering their new home, I almost felt like there should be cookies baking — the vibe was just that sweet. Wedding photos sprinkled throughout the house remind you of the abounding newlywedness and I could not help but smile over all God has done in just one short year.

It is all just too sweet.

The sweetness quickly faded as we drove out of the Mills’ driveway. It was a long 6.5 hours of travel with just me and the twins. Prior to reaching the half way point I started laughing, out loud, all by myself.

What is wrong with me? Why would I attempt this? I am crazy.

And then 2 rest stops and one (quick) Cracker Barrel meal later, we were home.

Safe and sound.

Alive (mission: accomplished).


3 responses to “the recap you’ve earned (last weekend: Atl/Dublin)

  1. Awesome post Sarah…your pictures, seriously, are so impressive. Opal Dean may be a little offended if she knew that she was mistaken for a pig for the weekend, but we won’t tell her. Your kids are so cute and we can’t wait to see you all in a few short weeks.

  2. We were in Dublin this weekend too! We should time a visit at the same time. Hope they are adjusting well there.

  3. Gosh I just LOVED this!! Not going to lie, I’m super jealous of yall’s visit to the Mills residence that I have YET to be able to make, but I love the pix and the description and I know it was sooo wonderful. It’s soooo weird that Mags has a mill’s motel. Probably going to be in pretty tight competition with Bruner Hotel…..ha. Love you Sarah and Steve and B & R!

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