the Bridal Shower dinner party

Last night was just stupendous.

The kids and I started the dinner party prep by meeting Ashlyn and Kelsey at Mattern (wholesale flower shop that I seriously cannot live without) and selecting a lovely bunch of florals for our decor —

Kels and I spent the afternoon preparing marinades, icing cake, laughing about her belly getting in the way of her work, etc.

(hi baby Coleson — we like you safe and sound in that tummy :))

Strawberry cake with strawberry cream cheese frosting. Delicious! (and a fabulous decorator touch from Kels-i-nator)

I was a bit distracted by the unbelievable thunderstorm that overtook our city during the window of time in which Stephen was going to grill our steaks, therefore, I was unable to capture a final product photo of our table setting. It is unfortunate, but I did snap this pic this morning of our centerpiece. Love that pop of color…just like Whit…a bright spot in your life.

The entertaining sort of felt like a lay up. We have all, at some point in time, been co-workers. Therefore, we have funny stories, comradery in minutia, and know just how to drink wine and laugh, laugh, laugh together.

The purpose of our gathering was, for me, the highlight of the evening. I have known Whitney for five years and been a part of her singlehood, dating life, falling in love with Dan, and now engagement. It is a ride that has encouraged me in my walk with the Lord and my relationship with Whitney is so special to me.

To God be the glory!

(and stay tuned — November 6th is the big day — cannot be here soon enough!)

PS. I almost forgot to include my favorite extra entertaining touch — the heart shaped ice cubes — Ah! — I love getting carried away!


One response to “the Bridal Shower dinner party

  1. Kristine Flores

    Great post Sarah! Thanks for sharing. And a special CONGRATS to Whitney!

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