she is joining the rest of us…

…that are totally addicted to photo-taking with our DSLRs….and I’d say she is off to a mighty fine start with this absolutely fabulous pic of our favorite red-headed cousin.

Congrats, Em!


4 responses to “she is joining the rest of us…

  1. I really need you to email me how the heck you take such amazing photos of the kiddos. I have a DSLR, but I need to know how to make the background blurry. Please share! My email is above.

  2. Sarah-your pics are so great. I have been wondering which DSLR you use?
    I’m shopping a little bit and would love your help!

  3. I still need some tips, lady! I’ve been using mine for a year and a half and just haven’t had the time to learn some good techniques. Your pics turn out really great.

  4. Thanks Kelly! I just sent you an email with all the photo knowledge I’ve got…don’t worry, it was not too lengthy 🙂

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