shout outs — Wednesday. 3pm.

…to my Fried Green Tomato scented candle for attempting to conquer the poop aroma that ever so easily invades my home. You’re worth it, twinkies. Totally worth it.

…to our friends Steve and Darrah for coming to visit us a few weeks ago. Shame on me for just now mentioning it to you, my blog reader! They are a fabulous newlywed couple with spunk and kindness and love for Jesus that feels contagious…oh, and the B & R looooved them…

…the creators of the Blue Bell “Caramel Kettle Crunch” ice cream flavor. It is like a mini-carnival of sweet caramel and salty popcorn and creamy vanilla in your mouth. Your taste buds go crazy for the combo, trust me.

…my friend Michele Bachman for making the most stunning flower arrangements for a Children’s Ministry banquet we had on Monday night. Seriously, it felt like a wedding. Seriously, she is talented. (Oh, and I won one of the center pieces in a raffle drawing so now my house looks all cozy and fresh and Pottery Barn-ed out)…

…baby Sterling for growing up on us so fast, but still keepin’ it floppy while she snoozes on her Dad’s arm…

…my brother and sister-in-law and nephew Bradford who moved to Florida this past weekend! Yahoo! Hooray! Now the closest family members are only 3 hours away! (do I need to use more exclamation marks to show my excitement? Can you hear me? Eeee!)

Jenny. I am shouting out so you will hear me in Rhode Island and COME BACK HOME…we miss you…your fermenting kitchen is calling you home…

…my Brooks-es who cut his two front teeth! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! I have not been able to keep him sitting still long enough to photograph the little guys poking out, but this photo is an all time fav…he is asking for more homemade strawberry ice cream…

…to mycakies for inspiring me to make bunting for birthday decor in a few weeks. We purchased the rotary cutter/mat/bias tape this morning and I was beyond giddy in the check out line. Embarrassing and true.


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