Dear Brooks and Reese, [11 months old]

Honestly guys, I’ve been putting this post off for a week. Technically, you turned 11 months old on August 2nd. I have intentionally procrastinated the writing of this post for one simple reason: Denial is easier.  Although I am supremely proud of the healthy, vibrant little cubs that you are, I love and relish every single second of your baby-ness. And time is going too fast! And I’m not ready to have One Year olds! You’re too precious! Too much fun! Too fabulous!

You are both busy all the time. You crawl with speed and conviction. You find immense pleasure in scrap paper, cardboard boxes, and standing at the tub while flailing your arms and eating the shower curtain.

Although your Dad and I do our best to keep you laughing and entertained, you derive the most delight from one another. No one can make the Brooks man laugh as hard as the Reesey Pieces. No one.

You’ve also gotten away from me a few times mid-diaper change. I really love it.

Oh, Goose. You are all boy, all the time. You wake up ready to run. You operate on full speed and never cease to amaze me with your squealing, hand smacking on high chair trays/bathtubs/sofas, and gut laughter.

Your haircut suits you, for sure. I love it when I kiss your cheek and it smells like dried spit/sweat/boy-ness. I never want to forget the way you devour a banana, mercilessly attack a stuffed soccer ball with an open-mouth-chest-embrace, and the ease in which you wrap your hand around my neck when we’re en route to the car. I love you. So much.

Reese, my baby girl — if I have said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times….You are the cutest thing ever.

You are feminine and playful and full of life. You’re quick, too — very quick. You’ve learned to shake your head and clap your hands and I can always count on you to be jumping and jumping when I come to retrieve you from your crib.

You’re my favorite birdie, no doubt about that.

I never want to forget that top gum line of yours — when you flash it with a combination of a nose wrinkle, my heart leaps with joy. You love singing and music and bath time. You have a leg kick to express excitement that shoots from your toes to your hip flexers in an instant — it keeps your Dad and I laughing like crazy.

In regards to your hair color, I’m overjoyed to have you along the ride of red-headed-ness. It thrills me, really.

Your Dad and I spent some time last night watching video clips from when we brought you home from the Hospital. Your Dad double swaddled you on this couch…and now look at where we’ve come. Though I find myself sad with the speed of passing time, I must also admit how excited I am for what is now and what is to come. I enjoy my days so much.

Happy 11 months old!

(and just so you know, as soon as I hit “Publish” for this post, we’re off to the Fabric store to get started on decorations for your Birthday Banner — eeee! craft project! yesssss!)


One response to “Dear Brooks and Reese, [11 months old]

  1. So adorable! You’re such a great mom Sarah! Darrah told me how she loves you and your house. They want twins now. haha!

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