Glory to God Forever

I am a really really bad singer. I mean, the worst. Sometimes Stephen laughs out loud when he over hears me singing to the kids.

Thankfully, Brooks and Reese have no idea.

Starting long before the twins were born, I have stashed away our church worship folders and collected them in order to have lots of lyrics at hand. One of my favorite Monday morning activities involves the entire service of song selections sung at the breakfast table. It’s a good time filled with laughter and praise.

Yesterday, we say Glory to God Forever and now I cannot seem to shake it from my mind…

Before the world was made before you spoke it to be
You were the king of kings, Yes you were, Yes you were
And now you`re reigning still enthroned above all things
Angels and saints cry out we join them as we sing

Glory to God. Glory to God, Glory to God forever! (repeat)

Creator God you gave me breath so I could praise
Your great and matchless name all my days all my days
So let my whole life be a blazing offering
A life that shouts and sings the greatness of our king

Take my life and let it be
All for you and for your glory
Take my life and let it be yours

On a photographic note, I must say that I cannot stop praising God for the lives of my twinkies and the joy I derive from daily. With their one year birthday riiiight around the corner, I choke up at the thought of how richly we are blessed.

These pics were taken by Cristy when she was in town a few weeks ago…it was our attempt at Olan Mills style shooting. Reese cooperated perfectly but the Brooks-es had to be corralled by the backdrop. I wish I could say this was surprising.

Glory to God, forever!


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