Ikea fun

Ikea feels a lot like Disney World. It is crowded, colorful, requires lots of energy, and should be reserved for special occasions when all the stars align and you feel insane enough to herd yourself into a never ending maze. Until today.

My friend Jenny Cunningham inspires me in lots of ways, and one of them involves her casual approach to Ikea. When I spoke with her earlier in the week and she mentioned (yet again) that she took her 3 boys for a quick Ikea trip, I wanted to attempt this same feat.

I packed lunches and babies and we hit the road after morning napping (it is 10minutes away — I am being dramatic — cannot shake the “amusement park” persona).

We had such a blast. I came home with $30 worth of swedish treasures and we wore ourselves out for an afternoon nap.

I caught Reese mid-blueberry, and Brooks couldn’t stop laughing while he was chewing his cheese.

Based on the fact that there is air conditioning, wide aisles, and swedish fish for snacking, we’ll be back for another summer outing in no time 🙂


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