modes of transportation

The other night I laughed out loud to myself. I attempted to re-think the errands I had run during the previous 48 hours and recap the logistics of our transportation.  Frequently, people inquire as to the logistics. I’ll be honest, I really really enjoy the challenge.

  1. Method One (our most popular for sure) — Carry Reese/Car seat Brooks — this works so well because Reese is happy on my hip and Brooks is easy to entertain when he is staring Reese and I down from the comfort/safety of his buckled in car seat
  2. Method Two: Carry Brooks/Car seat Reese — I laugh throughout our entire shopping experience if I am dumb enough to do this (but when you pull into a parking lot and the Goose is freaking out, we usually just go for it). Brooks is a restless soul constantly seeking to leap from my arms. We typically undergo a pretty rowdy wrestling match during the entire shopping experience if I am crazy enough to do this.
  3. Method Three: The Double Stroller — it’s classic, it’s fabulous, and it’s easy…unless you’re on a time constraint. I’m not sure if the factory installed the “Please stop and talk to us and ask us 100 questions” sign on our stroller or if that came for free with the buy-one-get-one-free baby deal Stephen and I lucked out on, but it sure does take us awhile to accomplish tasks in that puppy.
  4. Method Four: The Costco Cart  (100% sure it does not get any cuter)


3 responses to “modes of transportation

  1. love to see those little red shoes on brooks…….

  2. Michelle Gray

    oh my gosh…i LOVE this pic of them in the shopping cart! AMAZING

  3. Your twins are the cutest ever! And your blog is hilarious! Very entertaining! I hope you guys are doing well:)

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