Dear Brooks and Reese, [9 months old]

B&R —

So, I told Dena the other day, and I meant it, that 9months old is “the ultimate”. I stand by this statement with every fiber of my being. Your age/stage is quite possibly the best ever. You don’t need consistent discipline or reminders of obedience, instead, your time spent playing is characterized by curiosity, exploration, and a tenacity to discover new items to put in your mouth. I see your personalities and watch as you continue to bond as brother/sister. Whew. I love 9months.

I think your Gigi said it best during her most recent visit a few weeks ago…you two are like busy bear cubs…climbing and crawling and precious.

We’ve had such a great time with swimming and friends…

…and your bath tub ventures get cuter by the minute…

Your Dad and I had the best weekend with you guys. You made us laugh so hard, so many times. I think the reality is finally starting to sink in for me as your Mom. I am so proud of the two of you, and still so refreshed by the fact that I get to be your Mom. Time has marched forward and as it continues, I hope you both know how much I love spending my days with you guys. Your Dad makes fun of me sometimes because I take so many photos of you both. I just want to be sure and capture it, that’s all. Capture these absolutely precious days.

Reese, your teeth free smile is the best. At this phase, I really don’t want to forget the way you follow your brother wherever he crawls, look me in the eye and smile with your eyes, and nuzzle into that perfect spot you’ve claimed between my shoulder and neck. I love you, baby girl.

Brooks, you are my Gooses. You love to slap your hands and make lots of noise. You crack yourself up by racing around a room with squeals and kicks. You express every emotion outwardly and hold on tight to my hip when you’re unsure about the surroundings. You’re my Goose. I love you, and your two baby teeth.

9months is the ultimate, no doubt about that.


3 responses to “Dear Brooks and Reese, [9 months old]

  1. Your pictures are fabulous!

  2. I couldn’t agree more!! Too cute!!!

  3. Rachael Hamilton

    Great pictures! I especially love the one of Reese in her cute swimsuit in the swimming pool!

    And I can’t believe how big Jen’s boys are getting!

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