the endless game of compare/contrast

After a set of quick errands today, I loaded groceries, babies, and myself in the car to head back home. I tried to put the car in reverse but was laughing so hard I had to take a breather. The difference in my children is remarkable. I absolutely soak up the compare/contrast every single day.

When you hold the little Reeses, it is a warm embrace. She is soft and heavy against my hip. She has a squishy love and often times rests her head on your chest just because. Holding Brooks, most of the time, feels like attempting to wrangle a baby giraffe. His neck and knees are straight as a board and his body is solid and firm. His backbone is stiff and ready.

When Brooks needs to poop, it is no secret. It is a dramatic series of grunting and pushing with a face as red as a fire engine. My only detection of a dirty diaper from Reese is scent.

On that quick set of errands today, I was astounded by their difference in relating to people. Reese was so laid back and as people approached us (yeah, if you have bright red hair and then have twins and then one of those twins also has bright red hair, it tends to create a bit of a stir in a shopping experience) she stayed snuggled into my hip. I think she may have smiled once or twice as folks ooh-ahhd her. Brooks, on the other hand, gave the crowd a full on production of a show. He squealed, bounced, laughed, talked, attempted to derail the lemon/lime stand, and almost removed an old man’s hat off his head. To say the little man is energized by people would be an understatement.

When waking up, Brooks acts like he just swallowed a spoonful of vinegar. Reese smiles, or laughs, or both.

Brooks crawls as if he is on a mission. He is fast and loud and moves directly toward a target. Reese enjoys the whole experience of the journey. She stops and bounces and rocks back/forth on her knees and laughs and shakes her arms/legs, and then she decides where her destination should be.

Brooks notices when Dad walks in the door and always smiles. Reese lights up like a Christmas tree.

And last but not least, we can always compare/contrast the difference in hair color:


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