the weekend with the Morrow crew

Time is whizzing by…days are flying…and I have yet to tell of the adventures that we had in Brunertown when Stephen’s sister Shelli and family rolled in to town a few weekends ago….

The highlight of their visit was certainly the introduction we had to our new niece Ellie. She was born in January and it was so fantastic to have her here to hold and kiss all over.

We had a great time celebrating Graham’s second birthday and he filled the house with all the toddler fun I am anticipating from the Brooks and Reese one day soon. Needless to say, we laughed a lot — he is one cute little man!

The beach day was a bit windy (Stephen was a little distraught without the usage of the sun wall on this particular venture), but we made the best of it and captured lots of photo fun.

Successful day in the sun: Graham was wiped

Ooooo—eeee! Cousins make life so great!


One response to “the weekend with the Morrow crew

  1. the double bumpo is outrageous. Brooks looks like an old man in his. love it

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