Take me out to the ballgame (with Uncle Andy & friends))

This past weekend we had my brother Andy and a few of his buddies in town to catch a few of the Braves Spring Training games — very fun. I planned a baseball themed outfit & photo shoot for Brooks and the boys, and then the little man decided to sleep through his photo opp. As you’ll see, Reese had no problem standing in…

The ultimate winner of the whole weekend was actually the Previa Van that the boys traveled in — this van has seen its fair share of the road, and they souped her up with a Wii and Xbox and then rocked out the video game scene the whole ride down…

Probably my favorite thing about my brother is the way that he laughs almost nonstop. He brings light into a room and fills your life with cheer and added fun……

I love you little Reesey


3 responses to “Take me out to the ballgame (with Uncle Andy & friends))

  1. always good to be in brunertown

  2. so sad I missed the trip in the Previa to see Brooks and Reese. That picture of Reese being held up with the sky in the background is priceless!

  3. I love those pics of Reese!

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