shout out Friday

In the spirit of all things Compass Knowledge Group (a client of mine with the weekly practice of giving “shout outs” to their employees for encouragement after a long hard week), I’d like to give a shout out to the following…

…the Nelson Family…for accomplishing an almost impossible task: In the last 8 days, I have seen twelve out of our potential fourteen family members. We kicked it off with our trip last week and covered Emily, Bo, Ella, Jack, Sadie, Emily, Bradford and my Mom. Maggie was with us and we met up with Justin upon our arrival back home. Jason flew into town Tuesday night en route to a conference and my brother Andy arrived last night for a Braves Spring Training weekend. How fabulous! Dad & Hannah — up for a quick weekend pop in?

…the child development worker at the YMCA today…for attempting to console our little Brooks. I’ve never thought my kids would be the trouble makers — until today :). After 45 minutes in childcare, Brooks decided he had enough. When the girl came to find me she simply said: “Yeah, (dramatic pause) it’s Brooks.” I cannot tell you how sweet it was to see his little face and have him calm immediately when he nuzzled into my arms. Love you, little man…and keep causin’ a ruckus allowing me to justifiably walk away from the current torture I call “working out”…

…Maggie and Justin…for getting married in 43 days. Every time I think about it, I squeal! Eee! So fun!

…my friend Jenny Cunningham for sharing some of her tincture (still working on my pronunciation) with me and helping ward off Round 2 of a nasty cold…it was oh-so-strong and worked oh-so-well…

…my homemade baby food…for supplying the twinkies with just what they need and teaching me about steaming times on all the fruits/vegetables under the sun (who knew bnut squash took 13 min and pears only took 3? fascinating for this baby food making novice over here)…

…Uncle Brad Nelson and Ralph Lauren (yes, dual shout outs are totally legal)…for these fabulous spring outfits…

…the twins…for just being so cute (I know you could see it coming from a mile away. totally ok with that.)

…Charlie’s Laundry Soap…for helping with our new found favorite toy: food

…Sam at Bakery Plus (favorite local bakery)…for rocking my world with the new Cinnamon Crumb donut

(and last but certainly not least)

…Havarti Cheese…for being creamy and delicious and tasting absolutely perfect on the top of my chicken salad sandwich…


4 responses to “shout out Friday

  1. love the variety of info on this post! 🙂 so fun!

  2. sounds like “tink-sure”…kisses.

  3. oh, and now I’m wanting some chicken salad with melty havarti atop…and it’s 11:41pm…thanks a lot 🙂

  4. I also love how Maggs, in the first pic of Nelson girls and gbabies, is the only one with out kids, yet the only one sporting 2 on her hip! You go Maggs!

    ok, I’ll officially leave your comment page now before it boots me off…Can it do that? 🙂

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