processing that ah-mazing trip

The trip out to see my sister felt a lot like this:

Precious and full of love. Chaotic and emotional. All out fun.

As previously mentioned, the flight out there was great. The kids really charmed the airline staff and as you can see above, the change in altitude made no impact on the sleep-ability of the twinsies. They were champs.

Upon arrival, we wasted no time in the sister/wedding combo celebration: we placed a veil on Maggie’s head and got out of the house as soon as kids were down…what fun…

I love this photo because I loved this moment. Brooks in Emily’s arms, in Emily’s kitchen. Ah-mazing.

The “behind the scenes” of one of many photo shoots that happened. It was a photo frenzy, if nothing else. My favorite shot from this particular shoot included Bradford’s little head with Sadie’s crazy hair — check her out:

At any given moment, Emily, Emily, Maggie or I were holding one, if not two kids at a time….

One of my greatest lapses in judgment (of all time) happened during our 7 day extravaganza together. In an effort to celebrate the twins being 6 months old, we decided to go all out and make cupcakes for the kids…well, they thought it was all out :). Em and Maggie had run an errand and I suggested to Bo, Ella and Jack that sprinkle decorations should happen. I set it all up so they each had a cup full of sprinkles and let them know we had 24 to decorate — wouldn’t want to use all the sprinkles on just one cupcake…

Seconds after I placed the cupcakes in front them, we were in trouble. Ella dumped her entire cup of decor onto the cupcake while squealing with delight, Bo “sprinkled” while he sampled, and Jack shook his cup furiously with all his sugar excitement, and then did a face plant into his cupcake. I panicked. It was almost 5pm…almost dinner time…Em was going to kill me if these kids had no appetite for dinner. So I took the cupcakes away. AH! Fool! Have you ever taken a cupcake away from a 2 year old after he has planted his face in the chocolate frosting? Disaster. Bo let me know that next time I needed to “clearly communicate” to Jack. He kept repeating to me: You did not clearly communicate, Aunt Sarah. In actuality, I think he was just jealous that he had to wait till after dinner instead of getting in on the early frosting action with Jack. It was, well, a severe lapse in judgement.

Here is the little man finally enjoying his cupcake. The eyes say it all here.

Since the minute I said goodbye last Friday, I have missed Ella so much. She is every single bit of a 3 year old girl. She was completely enthralled by Brooks and Reese and stood by my side during as many feedings as possible. And asked as many questions as possible. The “why” series of questions is her favorite….she is precious and sassy and I miss her like crazy.

Bo is too much. His 5 year old body has a full on obsession with cellular devices that runs both deep and wide. He repeatedly asked questions about ringtones, menu options, capability to change settings, etc. By the end of our stay, he had memorized every family member’s text/ring tones and was able to announce who was receiving communication at any given time. Did I forget to mention he is reading? Oh, and we had a lengthy conversation about the solar system and seasonal changes at the Equator the morning before I left. I ended the conversation with: You should ask your Mom.

Aunt Maggie managed to assist with all seven children AND stay beautiful bride ready the entire time. Impressive.

And my Mom came for the second half of our venture and added her Gigi charm like no one else could….just plain fabulous.

My sister-in-law Emily and Bradford were the perfect piece of the puzzle to make this trip complete.  By the end of our time, I felt like little Bradford had grown up on us….and Emily is an all star Mom…and I could go on and on…let’s just say: my brother married up 🙂 (love you, Andy)

As we were boarding the flight to come home, my heart was so full. It still is. I am so lucky to be a member of my family and have these relationships with my sisters, mother, sister-in-law, and nieces & nephews. I am so lucky to have my twins.  God is so good.

The light and life in little Reesey’s eyes here says it all. What a great trip.


2 responses to “processing that ah-mazing trip

  1. blueberrylunch

    these are some of my favie pics you’ve ever taken! They tell such a great story…

  2. Aw! I love this! I’m so glad you had such a wonderful visit. It was so good to see you all!

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