just a glimpse of heaven

Stephen called around 6 and let me know that work was just plain insane today and he wouldn’t be home until after 8pm.  Knowing I was on my own for our final hour together, I busied us all with baths and clean diapers and pjs and then we settled in for our last feeding.  As we were burping and I was recapping the day we had together (particularly wonderful), Brooks began a bit of a tired whine-fuss. He does this sometimes. He is not especially sad, but sort of wants to hear himself whimper a little. I echoed his whimper which made him giggle. And the giggle made him hiccup. And then out of no where, he broke into a full on, no holes barred, straight from the gut, laugh. Hysterical laughter.

I could not contain myself. We were eye to eye and cracking up.

Tears began streaming down my cheeks and he laughed on.

Reese joined in with a classic ear-to-ear smile/laugh combo that will melt your heart in a New York minute.

After a good minute of continuous contagious cackles, we all settled back down again.

Just a glimpse of heaven.


One response to “just a glimpse of heaven

  1. ahhh, so amazing! i love those moments!!! enjoy!

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