everyone loves Daddy around here

Life is how it should be. We spend all day accomplishing tasks and growing and feeding and laughing and playing, and then Daddy gets home  from work — and the real fun begins.

Reese always recaps her comings and goings…

…and Daddy cannot get enough…

…and he rocks the double hold like a champ…

(even over the Christmas Holidays when Mommy says “I’ll be right back from the mall” but gets really distracted at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter and Daddy has to try and console everyone at the same time — and Brooks ends up in the ergo wrap and Reese winds up wearing Brooks’ pants and hat)

The laughter with Dad is the best…

…and he even styles Reesey’s hair with mousse…

Everyone loves Daddy around here. Especially the mom.


4 responses to “everyone loves Daddy around here

  1. ahhhhhhhh i loved this post! I know stephen is such a great dad….love seeing all these pics! miss you all!

  2. reese looks like shes practicing a celine song in that last photo:) love it.

  3. sweet post! can’t believe how quickly they are growing!! precious!

  4. Love it! Go daddy…..

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