a letter to our Aunt Maggie

Aunt Mags,

Mom has just told  us the news, and we’re not taking it well.

You have been here since the beginning. You cheered us on during the last month inside our crazy Mom, and you were at the hospital the morning we arrived. You made us “welcome home” signs and have been here to hold us and snuggle with us every single day. You walked with us and sang with us and always knew just what we needed. Every time we think about you, we miss you more. We know we’ll see you soon, but having you live with us was the best ever.

I, Brooks, am processing through it like a strong little man but Reesey is having a tough time holding it together……..

We know you and Justin have a wedding to plan for (on April 24th!!!!), but we’re still holding out that you decide to make Brunertown your permanent home after all the wedding chaos subsides.

We just love you so much and will miss you like crazy.

You’re the best,

B-man and “the cutest baby girl in the whole wide world” Reese


One response to “a letter to our Aunt Maggie

  1. reality is really starting to set in that i will no longer be a brunertown resident….. im feeling you reese.. miss all four of you with all my heart.


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