Christmas 2009

Am I embarassed that it is January 10th and I am just now composing my Christmas post? Absolutely not. (we can ride the “I have twins therefore life is crazy” train just a wee bit longer, right?)

This Christmas was won.der.ful.

We spent time with family and ate yummy food and went to our home church and saw friends and laughed and laughed and tried to soak it all in 🙂

The Nelson crew plus soon-to-be-brother-in-law Justin, and Hannah’s BF, Gordon — my older sister Emily and her gang could not make the trek — quite sad, but we skyped ’em in

Grandmothers and twins

The twinsies were excellent entertainment

The fam in front of the tree at Perimeter

…and the Holiday was most certainly made complete with the little elf that came to visit Christmas morning…

And here we are, the family of four, all bundled and ready to go. See? Won.der.ful.


One response to “Christmas 2009

  1. I could just eat ’em up! So fun. Would have loved to see you while you were here. I know. I know. You’re bummed and thinking, Melissa, we had so much time on our hands. We were just waiting on your call…sigh…

    Have a Happy New Year! Will call soon 🙂

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